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Opposite day?

So, if you have a young child who is still being toilet trained, its okay to bring him or her into the bathroom of the opposite sex, right? Like, if you’re an adult woman you can bring a young boy … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween

Rocking crosstown beats treadin concrete streets I’m a thousand feet from the Kremlin walls where the Boss now keeps Enemies ten inch claws tossed in lost-found heaps With reddened cheeks I see OMON clown freaks Seeking low-down geeks to beat … Continue reading

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I lost my cookies reading this at lunch: Hungry Bears Dig Up Graves in Northern Russia 29 October 2010 The Associated Press Famished bears in northern Russia have resorted to digging up graves in cemeteries — and reportedly eating at … Continue reading

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Lego History of USSR

From EN:

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Meet Anna Chapman

About 500 meters from the office where I work is the headquarters of FondServisBank, whose initials are the exact same as the Russian secret service, the KGB’s successor (Федеральная Служба Безопасности – FSB). A couple of weeks ago, the FSB … Continue reading

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Just a regular night on the town, 2

SK and FD came to visit for a week, which was lots of fun; on one of the weirder nights I took them to Project O.G.I. There, we were almost immediately approached by two older Russian gentlemen with greasy mullets … Continue reading

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Just a regular night on the town

Drunk businessman shoots journalist in café by Natalia Antonova at 18/10/2010 18:29 The shooting of Russia Today journalist Natalya Arkhiptseva in a popular café in central Moscow has sparked outrage. On October 9, Arkhiptseva was shot in the foot at … Continue reading

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It’s Naht a Tumah

Last week, early one morning I went to the Ritz Carlton to attend a speech on US-Russia trade relations delivered by none other than the Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who happened to be in town to promote investment by Californian tech companies … Continue reading

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Most Dominant PF Ever

Feeling a bit nostalgic for the Chuckster, I tried to upload a 30 second video of him that is related to Russia.  The best I could do though was to get it to this link.  Please click it and enjoy: … Continue reading

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I found out the hard way that there is a homeless man living in the dumpster outside the apartment building.  And by ‘hard way’ I mean that I unfortunately tossed a garbage bag on his head before I saw he … Continue reading

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