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Staying on the theme of protests, this is brilliant absurdity Click the article for the story behind this photo (Thanks to HS) Advertisements

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NYMAG: Russia’s New Decemberists (thanks to TV)

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Putin thinks he’s treated like tubgirl

(referral from MH) In a verbal sparring match with Alexei Venediktov, editor-in-chief of nominally independent Ekho Moskvy, a.k.a. this guy: Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin maintained that he is a champion of free speech and allows the semi-independent radio station … Continue reading

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Бунт в России!

This takes some real backbone, an unsanctioned concert on Red Square where the group Pussy Riot played a song with the chorus “Rebellion in Russia”, The Moscow Times reports that half the group’s singers were in police custody. (From … Continue reading

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Travels in Siberia

From TV and HS comes a recommendation of Ian Frazier’s diary of a Russian road trip: “Travels in Siberia” I think this passage, written while Frazier was in Irkutsk, best encapsulates the tragic romanticism of the Russia we fall in … Continue reading

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Alex Ovechkin and Sasha Belyi

Arguably Russia’s biggest sports star, Alex Ovechkin demonstrates his rap and dance skillz in this video he made with Sasha Belyi. For an entertaining but unsurprising read on Ovechkin, I recommend the November 2010 GQ profile of him, in which … Continue reading

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Months ago flying from Russia to the US I was seated next to an old woman with one of those beautiful Russian names that I can’t even remember right now – it may have been something soft like Inna or … Continue reading

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Anna Chapman, Again

I honestly thought I would never post about her again, but SB just sent a surprisingly in-depth feature on Anna Chapman that ran in Capital New York. I guess if I were to summarize it, the article describes what could … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Bringing in 2012 with Joseph Brodsky (III.32): В Новогоднюю ночь я сижу на стуле. Ярким блеском горят кастрюли. Я прикладываюсь к микстуре. Нерв разошелся, как черт в сосуде. Ощущаю легкий пожар в затылке. Вспоминаю выпитые бутылки, вологодскую стражу, Кресты, Бутырки. … Continue reading

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