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Moving along the map in this worn down hotel train, I wonder what went wrong on this journey to the east; sitting here in silence staring at the open plain, I once delivered milk to a shepherd in my dreams, … Continue reading

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FT Weekend Magazine: Russia in 2011 Thanks to SB for the referral.

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A little more election coverage

The Boston Globe’s Big Picture series has a collection of photos from last week’s election. This one is my favorite (no caption) And here a lengthy and timely profile of Vladimir Putin by the New Yorker’s David Remnick (I … Continue reading

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More links about current events in Moscow

This first link, from Julia Ioffe, is a great demonstration of how the post-parliamentary election aftermath has all the hallmarks of Russian history: a tense relationship between the government and liberal elites, the imagined foreign influence behind domestic unrest, police … Continue reading

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Film Trailer: The Darkest Hour

Despite my affection for Moscow, a city that is undergoing significant turmoil right now, I think I will skip this upcoming flick: Thanks to TV for the recommendation.

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Plug for The Daily Autocrat

This is a plug for the blog the Daily Autocrat, written by the humorist JK. The blog can be found here and features a lot of content relevant to the post-Soviet world: The former communist countries of Eurasia are … Continue reading

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Coverage of December 5 election and aftermath

Election Results: Allegations of electoral fraud (turnout in some precincts reached 140%): Start of protests yesterday, at Chistye Prudy: and at Triumfalnaya Ploshchad: Interior Ministry deploys forces to Moscow streets: Footage of unrest (may be … Continue reading

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