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Imitation is the highest form of flattery, Part II

There is a massive backlog of solid content to get through, hopefully going to post a lot of it this week and next. For today, I present an amusing clip of Turkmenistan’s leader Gurbanguly Berdimukhammedov performing the song “Sana menin … Continue reading

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Know any good blonde jokes? The All-Russia Congress of Blondes will have its inaugural meeting in September, and they have invited first Lady Svetlana Medvedeva as a guest of honor. I have labeled this post ‘sports’ because the Congress will feature a tic-tac-toe tournament … Continue reading

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FP Photo Essay: Soviet Propaganda Posters

These are just two of many posters included in a recent FP photo essay, it is worth checking out.,0 Left caption: Московский Кремль повит многовековой славой И виден он со всех концов страны моей Великий наш народ сюда пошлет … Continue reading

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Interactive tool for comparing former Soviet republics

Courtesy of BBC, this is strangely addictive:

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ARD-exclusiv: Rot-Gruen macht Kasse

Thanks to FD for sending along this link, it is an ARD feature on Gerhard Schroeder and Joschka Fischer, who since their time together in a coalition government have become highly-paid industrial lobbyists, most significantly in oil and gas. One … Continue reading

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Can someone put up a Bert and Ernie parody video on youtube already?

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Mozgov crushing it

Now let’s see him do this in an NBA game, if they ever solve their labor dispute

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More FP Photo Galleries

FP just published a photo gallery on the Medvedev-Putin tandem; there are some amusing shots, but a lot of them you may have seen before in some of the other articles that have been linked on this blog:,0 If … Continue reading

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Is this true?

Via MH: The origin of the word чувак is that it is an acronym for «человек, уважающий высокую американскую культуру» I had never heard that before, not sure if I buy it. Is it true?

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Macho Macho Man

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