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Dimensions of the Universiade

While English Russia presents a photo album of eye candy on display at the 2013 Universiade, taking place in Kazan, slon.ru journalist Vera Kichanova gives us 7 inconvenient truths about the games. The athletes featured in the English Russia album … Continue reading

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What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

The end of the marriage between Vladimir and Lyudmila Putin highlighted another more successful, much happier marriage: that between Russian society and social media. The Twittersphere blossomed with humorous takedowns of the Russian president’s personal life. Some favorites, Via RFE/RL: … Continue reading

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на один прекрасный день в месте похожем на этот лес всплыла наша тень через снежный занавес кроме на-лыжах-катающихся шли мы в тишине и о всех нас-не-касающихся мы забыли истинне а хотя некультурно наступил я, ты не отказала от объятия тогда … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Meaning

ул. Баумана, г. Казань, this song blaring on the loud-speaker:

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Dmitri Medvedev = Mark Corrigan

It is exceedingly easy to find direct parallels between Russia’s lame duck President Dmitri Medvedev and Peep Show protagonist Mark Corrigan. Stories that Medvedev likes to drive the streets of Moscow after hours so he can feel like an ‘ordinary … Continue reading

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This entire post is courtesy of LP: For the past few weeks, Kazan has been host to the 2011 FIDE Candidates chess tournament (http://kazan2011.fide.com/), Round 3 will be played today, I believe, with the seminfinals Kamsky vs. Gelfand and Kramnik … Continue reading

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New Page Added – ПИСЬМОШНАЯ

Along the same lines as the page Кто Здесь Звезда? I have compiled some of the better links of the comedy duo Подольск и Рейтов (ПИСЬМОШНАЯ). This is humor reminiscent of Ali G and I must say is a bit … Continue reading

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A Miracle of Rare Device

From the banks of the Don to old Astrakhan, can be measured by depth of emotion. The grass never so green in a broken machine as when you try to set it in motion. So just before dawn I hopped … Continue reading

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