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Protected: New link added

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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A bit irrelevant since last night the first real flakes fell, but LP he’s probably freezing his ass off in Efremov Remember how in August we wandered round and the moonlit streets were empty, And we’d found an abandoned town … Continue reading

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Rashid & Huseyin

I live pretty close to a bazaar full of fruit vendors, tailors, handypeople, etc from all over the place, mainly Central Asia and the Caucasus. There is a pair of brothers there from Azerbaijan who cut hair really well and … Continue reading

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One of my favorite spots in Moscow

After work yesterday I went to take a picture of one of my favorite spots in Moscow, but the rain soaked my camera and now it won’t work. The picture in this entry is a photo from a 2009 news … Continue reading

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Hotel Usrus

I had to google image search to find out what this means, and I don’t recommend anyone else do it, but apparently in Russian усрусь mean ‘I shit myself’. Kinda makes one wonder about the name of this hotel, located … Continue reading

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Слава российским унитазам!

Russia may not yet be a member of the World Trade Organization, but they are certainly a member of the World Toilet Organization. A few years ago the WTO hosted World Toilet Day in Moscow, confirming Russia’s commitment to commodes. … Continue reading

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From LK, a bit cheesy but still

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It’s time to switch from Megafon to MTS

Courtesy of TM (thanks lil sis!!):

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In memoriam – Viktor Chernomyrdin

Last week former Russian PM Viktor Chernomyrdin passed away, rest in peace. He founded Gazprom, for whom I indirectly work, and so his passing led me to read more about him. It turns out he was quite well-known for his … Continue reading

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