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In this space there won’t be any coverage of the ongoing idiocy in the U.S. Congress regarding the debt ceiling, but luckily JH forwarded the following link which provides a bit of a Russian angle on US domestic politicians: reading

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Obama Girl Revision

Thanks to valued reader Dr. JM for reminding us that the Порву за Путина campaign in Russia was actually preceded in the post-Soviet world by the Femen movement in Ukraine. Femen is a topless women’s rights group that stages bare … Continue reading

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One thought on Navalny

A few months ago, journalist Julia Ioffe (whose defunct blog was long linked at right), published a profile of anti-corruption crusader Alexey Navalny in the New Yorker. The article is quite good, and worth a read: But shortly after … Continue reading

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Russian Sense of Humor through Social Media (also, Ferrets) ‘Depressed’ Ferret Still on Run After Fleeing Siberian Circus 18 July 2011 The Moscow Times The hunt continued Sunday for a “depressed” ferret who escaped Disney-style from a Chita circus along with a monkey and a red-breasted parakeet last … Continue reading

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Obama Girl gets a run for her money

Except for the fact that she was most likely paid through official channels, calls on millions of other Russian women to rip open their shirts, and the name of her organization has military overtones, this is the closest you’ll get … Continue reading

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History Lesson II

The blog is back. What better way to get things into swing than with the history of Stalingrad

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