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Письмо Эрато

2013 – год без тебя, Год мирных гор, и тихого неба, Воробьев в березах, мягкости ветра. В этом году расслабляется земля. Хоть выдыхают деревья Я иду среди вереска До места встречи, нашего секрета. Вижу издали расходятся два берега. Думаю о … Continue reading

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New Link Added: Unriddling Russia

Good stuff found here:

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The resemblance between Yuri Kuklachev, the director of Moscow’s famous Cat Theater (Театр кошек) and Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov is striking. Has anyone ever seen them at the same place at the same time? Source: Amie Ferris-Rotman

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With tragic news striking two separate beloved Moscow institutions this month – namely the acid attack on Bolshoi Ballet Artistic Director Sergei Filin, and the murder charges brought against Project O.G.I. co-founder Alexei Kabanov, let us seek comfort by combining … Continue reading

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Over the past few months, English Russia has published three separate albums with black-and-white photographs from the Soviet war in Afghanistan. Album 1, Album 2, Album 3 In my time working in this country, a couple of my own misconceptions … Continue reading

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Props to Mikhail Bopposov (not pictured) for this 800 pound snake sculpture made out of frozen cow dung: Photo is re-posted from this tumblr. Credit to GB.

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Meet: Michael McFaul

I am going go ahead and put personal politics out front: I am a huge fan of The eXile, and while Ames is my favorite, I certainly took Taibbi’s side in this epic back-and-forth with Michael McFaul from 2002. Therefore … Continue reading

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New Year’s Affirmation

Leave it to Charlotte-Letitia Crosby of the Geordie Shore to explain why this blog exists. In Season 4 Episode 4, our favorite Geordies find themselves at a pub quiz at The Colly. Charlotte’s team, which is just called ‘Russia’, ends … Continue reading

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