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Leap-day in Moscow

In celebration of February 29, watch this time lapse video of Moscow courtesy of LP: Advertisements

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The last time Nets-owner and Russian presidential candidate was featured here I said that he was by far the most athletic NBA owner aside from Michael Jordan. I forgot to mention that he is also the most athletic Russian oligarch … Continue reading

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If I can figure out how to upload pictures from a camera I will add images to support this post: On a flight to Russia for the first time ever I heard a steward announce before takeoff “we will be … Continue reading

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Epic Win?

Not sure why this is posted on failblog, it seems like it’s more of a win. Bon Jovi fans may enjoy:

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Pretty cool runnings

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The Revolution is still in its early stages

John Reed, called “the author of perhaps the best book ever written by an American about Russia, Ten Days That Shook the World,” (Frazier, p. 25) was brought to the silver screen by Warren Beatty in the 1981 film Reds. … Continue reading

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Don’t remember where this picture is from, please forgive any unintended copyright infringement.

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Plug for Brigid McCarthy’s series on Post-Soviet Russia

As with most of the high quality content, this post is lifted from Vadim Nikitin’s FPA blog: Nikitin recommends McCarthy’s 10-part radio series commemorating the 20-year anniversary of the Soviet Coup and providing an in-depth look at how the … Continue reading

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The Thing (Нечто)

(Another post courtesy of LP): One of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen is John Carpenter’s The Thing. The 1982 film is about an extraterrestrial that is dug up in the Antarctic and unfrozen and that begins to imitate and … Continue reading

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The Source of Putin’s Power

This video is absurd. Viewer discretion is advised: (Referred by MH)

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