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With tragic news striking two separate beloved Moscow institutions this month – namely the acid attack on Bolshoi Ballet Artistic Director Sergei Filin, and the murder charges brought against Project O.G.I. co-founder Alexei Kabanov, let us seek comfort by combining … Continue reading

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Olympic Training

Best youtube comments so far: – “No time to explain, gimme your horse” – Dog – They’re obviously a crime-fighting duo on their latest adventure. – just a dog and horse seeing who is fastest at a 100 yard dash.

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Just a regular night on the town, 2

SK and FD came to visit for a week, which was lots of fun; on one of the weirder nights I took them to Project O.G.I. There, we were almost immediately approached by two older Russian gentlemen with greasy mullets … Continue reading

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Just a regular night on the town

Drunk businessman shoots journalist in café by Natalia Antonova at 18/10/2010 18:29 The shooting of Russia Today journalist Natalya Arkhiptseva in a popular café in central Moscow has sparked outrage. On October 9, Arkhiptseva was shot in the foot at … Continue reading

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Clayton Bigsby in Moscow?

Living a bit far from the center of the city I haven’t gone out much, so finally last night I agreed to join a few people at the real mccoy for a night out, and I had a very surreal … Continue reading

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Calling all douches

An earnest but unfortunate mistranslation has allowed me to introduce a location that may recur in future posts.  The Real McCoy is an Irish-themed bar that turns into a shitshow on a nightly basis. Here is a promo for one … Continue reading

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