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http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-501715_162-57524085/mexicans-puzzled-by-azerbaijan-leader-monument/ A monument to Heydar Aliev on Mexico City’s Paseo de Reforma? That makes total sense… Mexicans puzzled by Azerbaijan leader monument MEXICO CITY — The appearance of a life-size statue of Azerbaijan’s “founder of the nation” on Mexico City’s … Continue reading

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Epic Rap Battle

My favorite verse is Спасибо, слова сочинаешь. Я и говорю, сам вот начинаешь. Мои слова почему повторяешь? Ты стал попугай, до свидания! This turned into a meme pretty fast in Russia: Tip of the hat to MH for the full … Continue reading

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Azerbaijan Hosts Eurovision

The 2012 Eurovision song contest was not without controversy. First, there was the build-up of Azeri naval forces off of Baku for unknown reasons: Government officials aren’t saying what threat they might be protecting against, and, as close to the … Continue reading

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Keep your friends close….

…but your enemies closer. This Eurasianet story about Armenia’s border with Iran being closed reminded me of Armenia’s Wikipedia page: Foreign relations Armenia presently maintains good relations with almost every country in the world, with two major exceptions being its … Continue reading

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