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Pussy Riot takes on Russia’s oil industry

Lyrics: Баланда-пропаганда, баланда-пропагандаааааааа! Практика машинного труда Страной освоена едва ли успешно. В пылу производства груба Бываю все чаще — не знаю, уместно ли. По трубе текут низовые активисты, Наполняют ее жизнью – и просят погром! ГУФСИН, МВД, МЧС и Роснано, … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Now

This surprisingly well-done spoof trailer, linked on FPA’s Russia Blog, I guess is one of many indicators that pre-election speculation is picking up steam. Link Let’s discuss: The world of Kremlin watchers has certainly been befuddled by President Medvedev’s increasingly … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the BP-Rosneft deal (sorry for the long post)

As I clearly have been (and still am) preoccupied with basketball, I have been late getting this post out. Maybe too late, because things have been happening pretty fast, sort of under the radar, so a lot of these thoughts … Continue reading

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