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Recently Vadim Nikitin put up what I consider one of his best posts ever It is an analysis of Peter Pomerantsev’s essay in the London Review of Books that finds the political environment created by puppet master Vladislav Surkov has … Continue reading

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Bullshit Man

Last month Karl Pilkington returned to TV with the second season of an Idiot Abroad. A huge fan of the pilkster, I was very excited to learn that one episode features him traveling across Russia on the trans-Siberian railroad. Karl’s … Continue reading

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Notable Chechen Birthdays

This month BBC reported that Chechnya may be home to the world’s oldest woman – a villager with a passport listing her birthday as 5 January 1895 would be 116 years old, beating out the current world record holder from … Continue reading

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Andrei Kirilenko is returning to Russia to play for CSKA Moscow, and what better way for AK-47 to mark the occasion than by pointing an actual AK-47 at one of his teammates? Ah Russia…. Given the current lockout, it may … Continue reading

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