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Dmitri Medvedev = Mark Corrigan

It is exceedingly easy to find direct parallels between Russia’s lame duck President Dmitri Medvedev and Peep Show protagonist Mark Corrigan. Stories that Medvedev likes to drive the streets of Moscow after hours so he can feel like an ‘ordinary … Continue reading

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Тот, кто хорошо играет в бадминтон, у него есть воля…воля добиваться результатов

If I had any sort of video editing skills at all I would find a way to splice these two clips together so that it would appear that badminton enthusiast Dmitri Medvedev were playing against tubby, multi-chinned, brown-eyed Dmitri Medvedev-look-alike … Continue reading

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History Lesson II

The blog is back. What better way to get things into swing than with the history of Stalingrad

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