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Dolphins and that

As usual, Karl Pilkington is completely right about everything: http://gawker.com/5990158/military-dolphins-with-frickin-guns-attached-to-their-heads-have-gone-missing-in-the-black-sea Ukraine’s navy has reportedly put out an APB for three dolphins that have gone missing in the Black Sea of the coast of Crimea. Oh, did I mention these are … Continue reading

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Facts about Rasputin

Turning back the clock for this one; Karl Pilkington gives us a history lesson on Grigory Rasputin. Facts about Rasputin, according to KP: – He was a monk. – He lived in Russia, around 1800. – He loved his women, … Continue reading

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Bullshit Man

Last month Karl Pilkington returned to TV with the second season of an Idiot Abroad. A huge fan of the pilkster, I was very excited to learn that one episode features him traveling across Russia on the trans-Siberian railroad. Karl’s … Continue reading

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