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Архипелаг Гулаг

At a loss for words as to how to recommend the book Gulag Archipelago without sounding trite, I paste here a section from Tvardovsky’s poem, “Distance beyond Distance”, cited by Solzhenitsyn in the chapter ‘Tyurzak’ (Тюремное Заключение). It seems an … Continue reading

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From the Archive II (Tadzhik Jimmy)

Fans of MIA, Bollywood, and a cappella will appreciate this older clip of a lay Tadzhik’s version of the classic, ‘Jimmy’: I am curious which version readers prefer. The original, from the 1982 movie “Disco Dancer” is here The MIA … Continue reading

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While everyone was watching Mayweather-Ortiz….

….There was another notable sucker punch last week: Thanks to RM for the referral.

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The Loneliest Baby Seal in the World A rare ginger-colored seal has been discovered on Russia’s Tyuleniy Island, hiding under a pile of logs, hungry and alone. Its seal family abandoned it, likely for being albino. 61-year-old nature photographer Anatoly Strakhov tells the shocking tale of … Continue reading

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Jali Neti

Such sad news coming out of Yaroslavl, the tragic loss of so many figures from the world of hockey. At a loss for words really…. This post was previously scheduled to go up today, the timing is bad. The hockey … Continue reading

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You don’t get points for guessing

What ‘D’ was a Russian dissident who wrote the novel “Crime and Punishment”? Sorry for the poor video quality.

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Bitter Mountain

I have a good friend who is an avid reader of the works of Maxim Gorky, and a few months ago we were on a visit to the winter olympic construction site in Sochi and Красная Поляна, chosen as the … Continue reading

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