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Meet: Ksenia Sobchak

I had long-delayed writing a post about Ksenia Sobchak, Russia’s bizarro “It girl” who is compared to Paris Hilton in every article written about her by the Western media, but when Artemy Troitsky said this month on Ekho Moskvy that … Continue reading

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Oh snap….

This is just ice cold Mr. Medvedev staunchly defended Mr. Putin’s decision to return for a third presidential term, which he said was confirmed by the results of the presidential election last month. He dismissed the notion that vote fraud … Continue reading

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SMEs in Russia

How to open a small-business in Russia: Thanks to SB for the link.

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Honeypot Fail

So it turns out that story that went viral a few days ago, about how Anna Chapman was deported from the US because she was supposedly on the verge of seducing a sitting US Cabinet member, is not true. According … Continue reading

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Yesterday, Time Magazine published a piece about how Russia’s extractive industries, located in the most remote corners of the country, are hard at work earning the cash that funds Moscow’s spending on social programs. The article is interesting enough, but … Continue reading

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