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Power Broker

Source: New Times It is fitting to learn that, with allegations that “RC Fogle” attempted to recruit an FSB officer to spy on Russia, clandestine intrigue is alive and well in today’s Moscow. It is easy to picture the be-wigged … Continue reading

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A nemzetközi helyzet fokozódik

A while ago I linked to some articles about the post-modern aspects of Russian politics and how in many ways would-be non-conformists have been co-opted by the establishment. There was Peter Pomerantsev’s defense of artiste Serebrennikov‘s interpretation of Almost Zero, … Continue reading

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Recently Vadim Nikitin put up what I consider one of his best posts ever It is an analysis of Peter Pomerantsev’s essay in the London Review of Books that finds the political environment created by puppet master Vladislav Surkov has … Continue reading

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