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Who’s Vladimir?

Is Medvedev referring to Vladimir Klitschko? Which Vladimir is he talking about?! Thanks to AV for the link to The Daily Show’s take on the hot mic, “The Borscht Whisperer” Advertisements

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Man vs. Machine


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Borat, for real

After posting video of a botched Kazakh national anthem just barely two weeks ago, it has happened again. While Kazakh sharpshooter Maria Dmitrienko was receiving her gold medal in Kuwait, tournament organizers mistakenly played the theme song to Borat. She … Continue reading

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Facts about Rasputin

Turning back the clock for this one; Karl Pilkington gives us a history lesson on Grigory Rasputin. Facts about Rasputin, according to KP: – He was a monk. – He lived in Russia, around 1800. – He loved his women, … Continue reading

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Putin, Russia, & the West

As a counter-point to the soft-focus ARD documentary that was posted here earlier this month, here is a four-part BBC series examining closely Putin’s policies and politics dating back to his appointment as prime minister in 1999. This is a … Continue reading

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Problems of Indians of the sheriff do not f**k

This should clear up any confusion – Thanks to SB for the photo.

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The Meaning of Meaning

ул. Баумана, г. Казань, this song blaring on the loud-speaker:

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Public Art as Political Protest

Continuing a long-running theme of street art in which we have discussed P-183 and Voina, here is the group Partizaning, which has engaged in several guerilla art campaigns throughout Russia (mainly Moscow and St Petersburg) My favorite is their collection … Continue reading

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From Ataturk to Mussolini

With dissidents too disillusioned (or weary) to build on the momentum they gained in the protests of December and February, the election of Vladimir Putin as the returning President of Russia seems to be less a moment for action than … Continue reading

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жынды өмір

Seems like something Borat would try to pull off:

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