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Olympic Training

Best youtube comments so far: – “No time to explain, gimme your horse” – Dog – They’re obviously a crime-fighting duo on their latest adventure. – just a dog and horse seeing who is fastest at a 100 yard dash. … Continue reading

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КГБ = Комитет Государственных Блюд?

Never noticed the Colonel Sanders – Comrade Stalin resemblance before:

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VIP Treatment

From the article linked below: Tigers are known for their ferocious teeth, loud roars, and great strength, but their most threatening feature may be their propensity to squirt urine over long distances — at people. That’s what happened during a … Continue reading

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Luckiest Man in Russia

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Submitted without comment:

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“Занимайся чтением, будь мужчиной!”

Though I think the gender-biased overtones are unnecessary, I suppose this literacy campaign is laudable. It certainly is well-executed and beats Dmitri Medvedev’s 2011 call for Russia’s muzhiki to take up the sport of badminton. My favorite of the authors … Continue reading

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2012 NHL Draft / Russia Best

The selection of Russian youth superstar Nail Yakupov as the #1 overall draft pick in the 2012 NHL draft by the Edmonton Oilers led to a highly entertaining series of exchanges on Yakupov’s twitter account, courtesy of Deadspin. Here is … Continue reading

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Тесто vs. тесть

In Russian the word for dough is ‘тесто’, and the word for father-in-law is ‘тесть’. This mistranslation is understandable, but still funny: Courtesy of Failblog.

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Soviet Anti-alcohol Posters

From Retronaut, courtesy of SB. My favorite:

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