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Power Broker

Source: New Times It is fitting to learn that, with allegations that “RC Fogle” attempted to recruit an FSB officer to spy on Russia, clandestine intrigue is alive and well in today’s Moscow. It is easy to picture the be-wigged … Continue reading

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Moscow Metro Maps

Multiple readers sent around this Atlantic story on The Evolution of Moscow’s Metro Maps, with a link to Artemy Lebedev’s online collection of Moscow Metro memorabilia. Below is the first image posted; the map’s heading reads СХЕМА ЛИНИЙ МОСКОВСКОГО … Continue reading

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“блин” Source LP

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Cancion del dia que se va

On День Победы, a week and a half after labor day, we turn to Lorca for reflection. ¡Que trabajo me cuesta dejarte marchar, dia! Te vas lleno de mi, vuelves sin conocerme. ¡Que trabajo me cuesta dejar sobre tu pecho … Continue reading

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Делайте добро без корысти и оно обязательно вернется

Having gained notoriety for capturing graphic accidents and traffic rage, and most recently the meteorite in Chelyabinsk, the below video presents a different application of dashcams in Russia: paying it forward with random acts of kindness. The dashcam phenonmenon in … Continue reading

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The First Sip

Highly recommended: from The Moth comes a tale of a mormon’s reckoning story with her parents in Siberia. Can’t embed the audio, but it can be downloaded for free on iTunes. Plus the link has pics.

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