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Last word

Courtesy of Alexander Dolgun (page 178): It went well, I peeled the scalp forward and called an orderly we referred to as не русский черт because of his fierce Cherkess nationalism and denial of all things Russian. He spoke poor … Continue reading

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Not too shabby

I think these moves are alright, clip is from two days ago

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Quotable II

SB: Russian women dance like they are 16 year olds home alone jumping on their beds

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F***ing racist country

Maybe this reporting is biased, but nothing about this story surprises me. Please click:

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I scoop more poop than anyone in the group

I just realized that the Russian version of ‘super-duper’ is супер-пупер

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Bathroom conditions at work

I have thus far refrained from commenting on the bathroom conditions at work, but maybe this handwritten note in black ink that was taped to the flusher this morning will get the idea across: Видите вот этот смыв?! Нажмите его, … Continue reading

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I always wondered what goes on in those shower stalls

Prosecutor Threatens Son of United Russia Deputy 12 April 2011 The Moscow Times In an odd “shower rage” incident, a senior prosecutor and a legislator’s son clashed Friday over a shower stall in a posh fitness club on Rublyovskoye Shosse … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Now

This surprisingly well-done spoof trailer, linked on FPA’s Russia Blog, I guess is one of many indicators that pre-election speculation is picking up steam. Link Let’s discuss: The world of Kremlin watchers has certainly been befuddled by President Medvedev’s increasingly … Continue reading

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Chris Farley RIP

I have no idea what to make of this blatant rip-off. Thanks to LP for the referral: Original: Crappy Russian plagiarism:

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New Yorker’s take on Trump in Georgia Trump’s absence appeared to leave no hard feelings. Earlier, Saakashvili had suggested that Trump could always emigrate: “If he decides to run for President in Georgia, he might win.”

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