Just a regular night on the town

Drunk businessman shoots journalist in café

by Natalia Antonova at 18/10/2010 18:29

The shooting of Russia Today journalist Natalya Arkhiptseva in a popular café in central Moscow has sparked outrage.

On October 9, Arkhiptseva was shot in the foot at Prado Café, RIA Novosti reported. According to Arkhiptseva – whose account of the incident was first published on the blog of society journalist Bozhena Rynska – a drunken patron of the café made a derogatory comment of a sexual nature as she walked past his table, causing her to turn around and ask him if the comment was addressed to her. The café hostess then asked Arkhiptseva if she would like security to be called. When Arkhiptseva said yes, another man sitting at the table swore at her, then pulled out a gun and shot her.


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