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Nabokov on the balalaika

1919 ended, fight or flight, and they fled, when it was white vs. red Now I guess when he’s stressed at night he might turn in bed After writing of tyrants he’d invite to behead Cause he’d read of frostbite … Continue reading

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As it is tradition to lampoon the ‘bro’ phenomenon (also ‘brah’ and ‘braugh’) let’s do it with a Russian theme. All contributions welcome. This list so far is courtesy of me and MH: The Broviet Union Brostoyevsky Joseph Brodsky Broseph … Continue reading

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Herbie the Terrible

From MH: MH recently tried to watch the relatively new Russian film about Ivan the Terrible, which is ominously just called “Tsar”. Imagine a period piece with lots of sword fights and horseback riding and disembowelments a la Braveheart. Pretty … Continue reading

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