Ukraine’s Got Talent // Украина мае талант

Based on recent events, we need no reminder of the vitality of the Ukrainian people, but a cheap internet meme has been going around under the heading “The Real Reason Putin Invaded Ukraine”, focusing on World’s Greatest Pole Dancer Anastasia Sokolova and her epic performance on Ukraine’s Got Talent

The performance is from 2013, and Putin does have a supposed affinity for rhythmic gymnasts. Check out 2:24 for the money shot.

But this reminds me just how rich Ukraine’s Got Talent is.

One of the more epic performance’s is Maxim Doshi, aka rapper Cruel Addict, who attempted to win the internet by releasing a home-made music video for his single “I Am The Best”

The music video is embedded here, for his two appearances on Ukraine’s Got Talent, click here (2010)б and here (2011)

If you are interested in learning more about the troubled Doshi, I point you to his entry in Lurkomore, the bizarre Russian combination of Urban Dictionary and Dickipedia.

Saving the best for last, though, there is Ksenia Simonova, who rendered heart-wrenching WWII images in sand in 2009, set to traditional Ukrainian music as well as Metallica for the finale.

Not a dry eye in the house starting at 5:20

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One Response to Ukraine’s Got Talent // Украина мае талант

  1. I say, I say that dancer is like the highway between Dallas and Fort Worth…no curves
    – Foghorn Leghorn

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