Bears Tripping

No copyright claim on the text or the photos; this is all sourced from helablog via The Daily Mail.

Photographer Igor Shpilenok spent seven months with the community of bears at the Kronotsky Nature Reserve in Russia.

The junkie bears, addicted to discarded barrels of aircraft fuel and Kerosene, have gone to extreme lengths just to get a sniff of the fumes emanating from the barrels.

After sniffing the barrels of gasoline and kerosene, the addicted bears dig a shallow hole and lie down there to revel in the trip.

In one case a helicopter brought a few barrels of gasoline. Workers of the nature reserve didn’t take them away in time and a female bear named Suzemka – who is apparently fascinated by the smell of fuel – used the opportunity… She seems to be one of the addicts.


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