Last week the Duma passed an absurd law banning ‘homosexual propaganda’ and, specifically, the promotion of ‘homosexual behavior among minors,’ so Manezh was the site of some kerfuffles:

Gay rights activists staged a ‘kiss-in’ to protest the bill, and multiple arrests were made, including at least 20 gay activists and one homophobe.

The homophobes, according to one account, tossed eggs at the kissers while shouting «Слава русскому ОМОНу!» [Glory to the Russian OMOH!]

It is ironic that OMOH, Russia’s S.W.A.T. (Отряд милиции особого назначения) would be invoked by gay bashers.

OMOH recently was labeled the group with the least intimidating military uniforms in the world because – and I cannot believe I never thought of this before – when you look at a mirror-image of them from behind, their shirts all say HOMO.


And one more for laughs:


It gets even more ridiculous when one remembers that according to Medvedev’s police reform, Отряд милиции особого назначения should technically be Отряд полиции особого назначения, or ОПОН….

(Post-script: apparently ‘милиции’ was changed to ‘мобильный’, so Russia’s stormtroopers are still HOMOs, from a certain point of view).

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