“Welcome to the new online meat market for schlubby American men to score young Eastern European brides”

Nothing new in this Gawker piece, but there are several amusing tidbits:


“Some men have grown wary of the industry that promises them lifelong happiness with a woman from the economically-depressed country of their choice. They complain that the agencies are corrupt, and more interested in making money than matches. Agency rosters are stuffed with savvy “pro-daters” who are just out for gifts and cash handouts, they say. Or the agencies themselves hire women to pretend to be interested in guys in order to keep them sending expensive messages through their sites, which can cost $8 a piece.

“”We all have a natural desire to want to get as a close as possible to the real thing, to meeting some pretty girl on the corner” said William Lee, the proprietor of the website RussianWomenTruth.com and a professional coach for men looking for Eastern European wives. “Or in this case, randomly meeting some pretty girl online.”

“These men say they prefer Eastern European women because they’re more family-oriented and traditional than their American counterparts. But they often fall into the bitter misogyny you’d expect from men who concoct sweeping sociological explanations for their shitty love lives.

“”The American men are being decimated. That’s one of the reason homosexuality is so popular,” an FSU-fancier named Ken told me. “[American] women have become so dangerous, so damaging that it’s just not worth it. Russian women know what they are,” he added. “They’re not men with boobs. That’s what they are in America, they’re men with boobs.””

“And it doesn’t hurt that the younger women of Ukraine don’t seem to mind dating a guy almost twice their age.”

“”I’d look at their profile and see, oh, she’s kind of cute. Most of them are very beautiful anyways, and if they had a picture of themselves and they weren’t hideous or anything I would friend request them,” he said.”

Reminds me of the Michael & Svetlana documentary from last decade, but I can’t seem to find a single online clip:


(Thanks to MH for the link)

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