Alex Ovechkin and Sasha Belyi

Arguably Russia’s biggest sports star, Alex Ovechkin demonstrates his rap and dance skillz in this video he made with Sasha Belyi.

For an entertaining but unsurprising read on Ovechkin, I recommend the November 2010 GQ profile of him, in which he makes an appearance in my old hood near Kievsky Vokzal for some extracurricular activities:

Also, for the record, in spite of the song’s title, Ovechkin does not yet have the same hardware as Malkin, Fedorov, or this guy.

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One Response to Alex Ovechkin and Sasha Belyi

  1. Reblogged this on lauraklawiter and commented:
    A peculiar sight to see: Ovechkin off the ice and rapping?

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