Plug for The Daily Autocrat

This is a plug for the blog the Daily Autocrat, written by the humorist JK. The blog can be found here and features a lot of content relevant to the post-Soviet world:

The former communist countries of Eurasia are rich with characters that can be included in the musings of the Daily Autocrat. One sometimes overlooked dictator is the Romanian Nicolae Ceausescu, who is notable for his ignominious end and for his extraordinarily creative megalomania. Here are examples of Ceausescu’s official monikers:

– The Architect
– The Creed-shaper
– The Wise Helmsman
– The Tallest Mast
– The Nimbus of Victory
– The Visionary
– The Titan
– The Son of the Sun
– A Danube of Thought
– The Genius of the Carpathians
– The Round Mound of Rebound.

(Judt, p. 624)

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One Response to Plug for The Daily Autocrat

  1. Editor says:

    Dear sir,

    I just ran across this post “Plug for The Daily Autocrat,” dated Dec 7, 2011. I apologize for stumbling upon it so late. I obviously do not look up web references to my site enough. Thank you very much for plugging the site. It is much appreciated. Would love to coordinate on stories and publicize each other if possible. Please get into contact: editor[at]dailyautocrat[dot]com

    And of course, the site can now be found at a simpler domain:

    Looking forward to hearing from you. Again, much thanks.

    The Daily Autocrat

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