Andrei Kirilenko is returning to Russia to play for CSKA Moscow, and what better way for AK-47 to mark the occasion than by pointing an actual AK-47 at one of his teammates? Ah Russia….

Given the current lockout, it may well be that Kirilenko’s 3 year deal with CSKA means that we have seen the last of the multi-talented forward in America. That’s right, the man with the 1 all-star appearance, the crazy hairstyles, the even crazier tattoo, the $86 million contract, the man who sobbed when Paul Pierce dropped 37 points on him, and the man with the wife who famously authorized a 1 groupie per year quota, is no longer an NBA player. He will be plying his trade in the motherland, joining another onion dome favorite, Heavy D DeJuan Blair.

Kirilenko, 28, is an excellent player, and unfortunately Jerry Sloan’s flex offense did not always maximize AK-47’s talent. I always felt that he was under-appreciated as a passer, the clip below shows a glimpse of his skill:

That said, the play Kirilenko is probably most famous for is when he was dunked on by Baron Davis (2007). This is easily the best playoff dunk of the past decade, with McGrady over Bradley 2nd (2005), followed in some order by Wade over O’Neal (2004), McGrady over Okur (2003), and Allen over McGrady (2001).

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