While everyone was watching Mayweather-Ortiz….

….There was another notable sucker punch last week:

Thanks to RM for the referral.

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3 Responses to While everyone was watching Mayweather-Ortiz….

  1. JH says:

    what did the guy say?

  2. onion dome says:

    The guy on the left is a billionaire (Lebedev) who owns an airline and a bunch of newspapers, the guy on the right (Polonsky) is a real estate developer who lost a ton of money in the initial years of the financial crisis (2008-2009).

    At the beginning he says something I dont get, he says “some of us are the main pilots, while the rest of us are stuck in chicken coops. I am just sick of this, to be frank, I feel like punching [Lebedev] in the face.”

    At which point Lebedev stands up, all intimidating, and then sits back down, and you can hear mumbles of “let’s go”, “not here”, and “say that again”.

    At 0:28, Polonsky says, “see take [Lebedev] for example, three years ago, he said that the Federation Tower…..” and then he gets punched. Apparently Lebedev is accused of spreading rumors that the foundation or structure of the Federation Tower (which I’m presuming Polonsky was building) was cracked or had a design flaw.

    Here’s a quote from Lebedev (who is ex-KGB btw) on the incident:
    “In a critical situation, there is no choice. I see no reason to be hit with the first shot. I neutralised him,”

  3. JH says:

    haha i don’t know why i keep watching it.
    ‘i neutralized him’

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