Imitation is the highest form of flattery, Part II

There is a massive backlog of solid content to get through, hopefully going to post a lot of it this week and next.

For today, I present an amusing clip of Turkmenistan’s leader Gurbanguly Berdimukhammedov performing the song “Sana menin ak gullerim” (To you, my white rose). This is the third installment in the past year or so of public figures in the former Soviet Union being affiliated with music of questionable merit (Putin’s rendition of Blueberry Hill and Nato Ambassador Dmitri Rogozin’s wife’s original ballad “Stay Forever” being the other two). In this case, though, the Turkmen president offers a song that is strikingly similar to Dovlet Amanlykov’s “Toy gununde” (On my wedding day). The comparison is courtesy of Bruce Pannier, and Amanlykov’s original version can be found here:

Without further ado, President Berdimukhammedov:

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