Know any good blonde jokes?

The All-Russia Congress of Blondes will have its inaugural meeting in September, and they have invited first Lady Svetlana Medvedeva as a guest of honor. I have labeled this post ‘sports’ because the Congress will feature a tic-tac-toe tournament (see below).

Thanks to LP for the article:

Blondes Courting First Lady
19 August 2011
By Alexandra Odynova

A first lady’s ceremonial duties are many and varied, but Svetlana Medvedeva may claim the oddest of all should she accept an invitation to chair the first national congress of blondes as the “main blonde of the country.”

More than 550 blond Russian women have voted to invite Medvedeva, 46, to head the All-Russia Congress of Blondes next month, the organizers said on their web site.

It was unclear Thursday whether any of the more than 660 registered participants voted against Medvedeva, who is, after all, not a natural blonde.

The First All-Russia Congress of Blondes runs Sept. 23 to 25 in the Black Sea resort of Sochi. The event’s program, posted online, lists activities such as makeup workshops, a street march, the unveiling of a monument to a blonde, the opening of a museum of blondes, and matches of tick-tack-toe.

Other famous Russian blondes are expected to participate, among them Soviet-era movie stars Svetlana Svetlichnaya, 71, and Yelena Kondulainen, 53, an ethnic Finn whose name is misspelled on the web site.

Local news site said Medvedeva is also a prime contender for the congress’ “Blonde of the Year” title.

Coincidentally, Putin’s party, United Russia, with which the All-Russia People’s Front is affiliated, is holding its own congress on Sept. 24 and 25 — the same days as the blondes’ congress. United Russia’s gathering will kick-start the party’s campaign for the State Duma elections in December.

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One Response to Know any good blonde jokes?

  1. vicevi says:

    Great jokes! 😉 When was the last time you laughed so hard your stomach hurt? Hilarious! Thank you SO much for the laughs

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