2 Sad News Stories about Bears

These posts are both from EN:


KIEV (Reuters Life!) – Ukraine’s Environment Minister Mykola Zlochevsky vowed on Wednesday to free all bears kept in restaurants for entertainment purposes and often forced to drink alcohol, Interfax news agency reported on Wednesday.

“On television, they keep showing bears suffering in restaurants and roadside hotels,” Interfax quoted him as saying. “How long can we tolerate animal torture in restaurants where drunken guests make bears drink vodka for laughs?”



TAMPA: The Associated Press has run a story about a 36 year old bear name Katya who performed during the 1980 Olympics and is currently being held captive in a small pen on a broken down rusty bus in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Since 2009 when she was retired she has been held with other animals in the broken down bus that used to carry them for the circus. Her home is a small cage that she can barely move around in and animal activists say that she spends her days jumping up and down in her pen and attempting to crack out of the bars with her yellow chipped teeth. The smell is atrocious due to a lack of cleanliness.

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