Pure Awesomeness

This shit never gets old:

Thanks to MH for the below info:

MOSCOW, March 24 (RIA Novosti)-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev promised a singer from the Southern Siberian republic of Tuva to
invite U.S. President Barack Obama to listen to the republic’s world-famous throat singing.

During a meeting between Medvedev and cultural figures in Moscow on Thursday, Kongar Ondar, a throat singer from Tuva, complained to the
president that China and Mongolia often “falsely” claim that “throat singing and milk vodka” originated from their countries.

Then U.S. President George Bush professed a liking for both during a visit to Mongolia in 2005.

“I can’t promise anything as far as Bush is concerned, but I’ll try to invite Obama to listen,” Medvedev promised.

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2 Responses to Pure Awesomeness

  1. Mom says:

    Ok, that was the weirdest noise I’ve ever heard – they call that yodeling or singing?

  2. onion dome says:

    i guess its technical name is ‘throat-singing’:

    in Russian its горловое пение, aka Хоомей

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