Pirate Party Refused Registration Over Name
22 March 2011

In a bizarre twist, the Justice Ministry has failed to distinguish between sea rovers and copyright infringers by refusing to register the Russian version of the Pirate Parrrrrty, a global movement with seats in the European Parrrliament.

A parrrrrrty with this name cannot be registered because “current legislation defines piracy as an attack on a sea or river craft, which is a criminal offense,” the ministry said in a statement carried on the parrrrrrrty’s web site.

The organization’s title implies that its members are criminals serving jail time, which is a violation of parrrrrty legislation, the ministry added.

The Pirate Parrrrrrty — which advocates change of copyright and patent legislation, not armed robbery on the high seas — filed an appeal with a Moscow district court on Monday.

It serves as a jab at dozens of “pirate parrrrrrrties” worldwide, including in the European Parrrrrrrliament, where the Swedish parrrrrrty, which was the first to starrrrt the movement for free information access, won two seats in 2009 elections.

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