First week in Moscow (cont.)

My first week in Moscow one of the things on my to-do list was to make sure I was on top of all my utilities payment.  My landlord gave me access to the online account for the cable TV service, so I logged on to see the monthly rates.

According to the account data, on the very day before I arrived in Moscow someone in my apartment had ordered and watched Кино для взрослых, a.k.a. pornography.  Great.

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2 Responses to First week in Moscow (cont.)

  1. mkds says:

    wait. that was SO NOT me! (you know that wasn’t me, right?!) – i hope this is “first week in moscow” not “first week back in moscow”…

  2. onion dome says:

    haha no this is from back in june when i arrived….unless you messed around with the tv service while i was out of town

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