First friend?

In an attempt to find a decent place to play basketball I visited a local high school, after hours, to check out their sports facilities.  I met a few basketball players, which was nice, but my main interaction was with the security guard, who had never met an American before and was excited to discuss a few things.  This man was kind of an intimidating figure – shaved head, wife beater, gold teeth, covered in tattoos.  After comparing American and Russian politics, films, music, etc, he quickly turned the conversation to the topic of women.  Then, in a gesture of friendship, he offered to personally show me where to get prostitutes for 5000-8000 roubles a night, and that if I were so inclined I could bring a prostitute back to the high school when he is there working and we could ‘share her’.  I thanked, him, took his phone number, and told him I would call him…….NOT

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