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Meet: Yuri Meshkov

A long-time listener of Mark Schauss’ Russian Rulers’ History podcast (now called Russian History Re-told), I would like to give him a shout-out for his podcast last week on Crimea. While I disagree with his theory behind Russia’s Ukrainian incursion … Continue reading

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Ukraine’s Got Talent // Украина мае талант

Based on recent events, we need no reminder of the vitality of the Ukrainian people, but a cheap internet meme has been going around under the heading “The Real Reason Putin Invaded Ukraine”, focusing on World’s Greatest Pole Dancer Anastasia … Continue reading

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Is Putin playing chess or checkers?

For the past 20 years, Ukraine has been a country in transition, emerging from the Soviet rubble with an unneeded nuclear arsenal, a linguistically heterogeneous population, a crumbling economy and a semi-authoritarian political system in place, party-boss plutocracy reimagined as … Continue reading

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Words of Wisdom from Eugene Hutz

Thanks to YI

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Dolphins and that

As usual, Karl Pilkington is completely right about everything: http://gawker.com/5990158/military-dolphins-with-frickin-guns-attached-to-their-heads-have-gone-missing-in-the-black-sea Ukraine’s navy has reportedly put out an APB for three dolphins that have gone missing in the Black Sea of the coast of Crimea. Oh, did I mention these are … Continue reading

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Charles Tillman doing the Гопак

Delighted to see Chicago Bears’ defensive back Charles ‘Peanut’ Tillman getting his teammates amped up by dancing like a Cossack in the pre-game huddle: Yes, it’s like that. Mr. NFL please let me keep this video up.

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Geography Fail II

Which country is Gurbanguly from again Mr. Yanukovich? http://censor.net.ua/video_news/200110/novyyi_geograficheskiyi_konfuz_prezidenta_yanukovich_pereputal_turkmenistan_s_kazahstanom_video

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The Big Pussy Riot Post

News on Friday that the three jailed members of Pussy Riot had been handed a 2-year prison sentence for “hooliganism motivated by religious hatred and enmity” (“хулиганство, совершенное по мотивам религиозной ненависти и вражды“) provoked immediate reactions on the streets … Continue reading

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Scenes from the Rada

Debating the language bill: Thanks to SY for the clip.

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“Welcome to the new online meat market for schlubby American men to score young Eastern European brides”

Nothing new in this Gawker piece, but there are several amusing tidbits: http://gawker.com/5909410/ukrainin-men-how-american-men-are-using-the-russian-facebook-to-find-brides “Some men have grown wary of the industry that promises them lifelong happiness with a woman from the economically-depressed country of their choice. They complain that the … Continue reading

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